Anonymous: So the other day I was like "What if Enjorlas loses a bet to Grantaire and he has to wear a flower crown for an entire meeting"? and I thought maybe you'd like it and could expand on it bc I just really love Enjorlas' curls. They are just begging to have flowers in them <3 (bonus points if its e/R fluff bc Im a hopeless fangirl) 


I really liked how this was turning out until I got to the last bit and had no idea how to finish it well. But here you go, anon! :D

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Anonymous: Ok so I'm not sure if anyone else has thought of this, but I have a headcanon that all of the amis have a tattoo, even those who never otherwise would have a tattoo, that was designed especially for each of them by Grantaire that exactly fits with their personality and their relationship with Grantaire and the rest of their friends. 


okay i love this headcanon because they would all let grantaire design their tattoos, simply because they want to show him that they appreciate his work and also because it’s great art practice for grantaire.

combeferre has a DNA double helix tattoo that branches out into the roots of a tree. it goes all down his arm, starting right at the shoulder blade with neat spirals of genes, and as it progresses down his arm, it becomes looser until the strands are interweaving in all directions and it looks like tree roots rather than a double helix. around the base of his arm, where the tattoo ends, it branches off to form tiny little moths that circle his hand.

courfeyrac has a polaroid camera on his forearm, the kind you get in 90s tv shows. this is because he’s constantly taking selfies, and also because he’s the kind of guy who keeps a scrapbook filled with photos of his friends. on the other arm, he’s got a photo tattooed like one that would be printed out of a polaroid camera; a picture of all of his friends with him, captioned “friends”.

jehan has one of those watercolour tattoos that expands over his whole back. it’s a meadow scene that trickles down to form flowers from clouds and a river that runs round his sides and to his stomach. he’s also got his friends’ names inked in gold in the skyline of the watercolour.

joly has a stack of books going up his side. on some of the covers are medical book titles, ones that he’s studied in medical school, but one of the books isn’t even a real book. it’s called “how to blow up ovens and be the best boyfriend” and it’s credited to bossuet. he’s also got all of the bones in his foot tattooed on their exact areas in very thin lines that he’s not ashamed to admit he uses for reference.

bossuet has a four leaf clover, because it’s a running joke that he’s got bad luck, and so he wanted something that would supposedly counteract this as a tattoo. it’s on his palm and he knows that it does bring him good luck every time he covers the tattoo by holding hands with joly.

bahorel’s main tattoo is the one over his back. it’s a road that goes from hip to hip, yet it doesn’t end, it looks as though it’s only half of a picture. there’s half a sunset on his left shoulder too, where the picture begins, and this is surrounded by red sunset sky. the road itself, which is at the bottom of his back, looks worn and there’s a faint smoke trail leading down it, indicating that a car or motorbike has just driven off the picture. the tattoo scene covers his entire back.

feuilly has the other half of bahorel’s tattoo on his back. the sunset is on his right shoulder, and there’s a motorbike on the road at the bottom of his back. otherwise, the tattoo is almost a perfect match. when he stands next to bahorel with their shirts off, the scene completes itself, because both of their tattoos were so perfectly designed by grantaire to form a larger, whole picture when they stand together.

enjolras was never going to get a tattoo until he saw the ones that grantaire had designed for everyone else. when he asked grantaire to possibly design him one too, grantaire spent all week designing and then trashing his ideas. after days of labouring, he finally worked up the courage to show his tattoo idea to enjolras. it’s a fire that burns at the bottom of his side, all reds and oranges, with smoke trails travelling up his side. the smoke forms into the words “liberté, egalité, fraternité” that are defined in black with flecks of gold in them.


headcanon that enjolras doesn’t get drunk because when he gets drunk he always starts aggressively complimenting people. and not just his friends, but everyone, and not about normal things like clothes, but like. he’ll go up to strangers and tell them that they have nice cheekbones. even when he’s…

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sassymccal: disney? 

Yes and omg I’m fangirling a little bit because you’re one of my fav blogs <3

1. Marvel - doctorsdemons
2. Les Miserables - por-que-no-recibo-sopa
3. Harry Potter - eternalfeels
4. A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones - the—diamond—queen
5. Disney - sassymccal

Incorrect guesses:
Doctor Who - eternalfeels

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eternalfeels: Harry Potter? 


1. Marvel - doctorsdemons
2. Les Miserables - por-que-no-recibo-sopa
3. Harry Potter - eternalfeels
4. A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones - the—diamond—queen
5. ?????

Incorrect guesses:
Doctor Who - eternalfeels

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Guess one of my top five fandoms for a promo


Just to clarify 


Just to clarify 






Misty Mountains Cold 100% speed up for anon


That was weirdly beautiful.

the minions from despicable me have decided to retake their homeland

The picture was the last straw

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